Monday, May 11, 2009

Commentary on art that hurts the brain- Dali

Can art hurt your brain?
You betcha! Can it ever.
And I'm not talking about BAD art either I'm talking about Good art!
Like classic stuff.

Specifically I'm talking about "The Temptation Of st. Anthony" Dali's version,
(because it's been painted more than once naturally)
This is the one with St. Anthony about to get stomped by the white horse with wicked hooves, but wait, perhaps he won't get stomped after all because for some reason the horses forelegs are far far far shorter than his hind legs. Unless they are just, like, just about to grow as long as the back ones. That's one messed up horse! And right behind him are some messed up elephants. Well, they seem normal except for the legs.
But those legs on those elephants! Yikes! How are they even able to stand? Let alone hold up that heavy breast house? Well, I guess that's the devils work for ya!
To be honest I don't really find the caravan that temping but St. Anthony seems to think it's pretty bad, you can tell by the way he's fallen to his knees, and how he's holding up a cross to ward the "temptations" away. You can practically hear him "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
And just who does that skull belong to anyways?
I don't actually even find this one that brain painful.

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Daanish said...

cool post.
Why we get headache if brain has no pain fibers?