Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yet another commentary on Dali - Flaming what?

Burning Giraffes

Finally a commentary on a work by Dali that actually does hurt my brain.

I have no problem with the "person" full of drawers.
(We're all full of drawers anyways right? Only our drawers are hidden!)
The "person" has a real zombiesque pose, arms out stretch and head back. You can almost hear the brain dead moaning. (And what's that other zombie got? A carrot? A stake? Well, what ever it is it's probably got something to do with the tree branch coiffe.) Not to mention the absence of facial features.
The "person" doesn't so much look like an actual person, more like something out of a nightmare.

Whoa. Creep zombie stick supported drawer person. Kinda cool.

The part of this that hurts my brain is the burning giraffe.
That flaming giraffe that looks very much like a real giraffe (the legs are the right length and everything!) and the title suggests that there is at least one more around somewhere.......

Why would that hurt my brain?
You see, if there are things depicted here that look just like real things in my world, and they are on fire (which is something I'd rather not think about) then maybe, just maybe, those creepy zombie stick supported drawer people were regular people once . And then someone came along and pulled all their hidden drawers out and erased their faces and planted trees in their heads and did all kinds of other horrible things to them. Painful things that turned them into the stumbling disfigured freaks you see.
But who would do such an awful thing you might ask?
Well, the same bastard that set the giraffes on fire obviously.

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