Sunday, May 17, 2009

A commentary Dali - important then, important now

Dedicated to Ruth

The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition

Okay, just an explanation here.
(I'm sure that if you studied this piece for a while, you'd pick all this out yourself, but in the interest of saving time.....)

The piece that's missing from the woman is the cabinet (look at the bottom of the cut out and you'll see the shape of the cabinets legs.)

The piece that's missing from the cabinet is the littler cabinet with the bottle on top of it.
If you put all the pieces back into the woman, the bottle would be sitting right between when the woman's breasts would be (if she had like an actual body and not a cabinet) The little (baby) cabinet would be where her womb would be.

The bay is a white milky colour, that looks like, well, a bay of milk.

You can tell but the slump of the woman, and the fact that she needs to be supported by a stick crutch that she's not too happy that her womanly bits (womb and breasts) have been replaced by furniture.

Dali's reaction to the growing trend towards bottle feeding?

Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yet another commentary on Dali - Flaming what?

Burning Giraffes

Finally a commentary on a work by Dali that actually does hurt my brain.

I have no problem with the "person" full of drawers.
(We're all full of drawers anyways right? Only our drawers are hidden!)
The "person" has a real zombiesque pose, arms out stretch and head back. You can almost hear the brain dead moaning. (And what's that other zombie got? A carrot? A stake? Well, what ever it is it's probably got something to do with the tree branch coiffe.) Not to mention the absence of facial features.
The "person" doesn't so much look like an actual person, more like something out of a nightmare.

Whoa. Creep zombie stick supported drawer person. Kinda cool.

The part of this that hurts my brain is the burning giraffe.
That flaming giraffe that looks very much like a real giraffe (the legs are the right length and everything!) and the title suggests that there is at least one more around somewhere.......

Why would that hurt my brain?
You see, if there are things depicted here that look just like real things in my world, and they are on fire (which is something I'd rather not think about) then maybe, just maybe, those creepy zombie stick supported drawer people were regular people once . And then someone came along and pulled all their hidden drawers out and erased their faces and planted trees in their heads and did all kinds of other horrible things to them. Painful things that turned them into the stumbling disfigured freaks you see.
But who would do such an awful thing you might ask?
Well, the same bastard that set the giraffes on fire obviously.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More commentary on Dali

Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters becomes a Portrait of Abraham Lincoln By Dali.

This probably my favorite painting by Dali It was actually a little hard to find a good image of this to link too. (Meaning it wasn't on Wikipedia!) If you are not familiar with this painting, it's really worth it to try and view it from far away and appreciate the full effect. (Ohai Lincoln!)

One of the things Dali really loved to do was paint things that looked like other things.
The title of this one really spells it out for you so there is no surprise.
Still, I think it would be very cool if I were to see this from far away and think "Oh, it's just another Lincoln." and wander closer for a better look, and then think "Oh it's Gala!" (Just in case you didn't know, Gala was his wife/muse. This is a popular pose of her, although he also painted her balancing two lamb chops on her shoulder. Seriously!)

I really like the two little tiles at about leg level on the left side, showing the two images that the painting combines.

Now being the person I am, when I contemplate Gala's figure I don't admire Dali's skills. I wonder if her bum was actually ever that nice or if he added some enhancements. (Well, he was painting from memory after all )

Now if someone painted this today, I wouldn't be very impressed because of, you know, computers, which would make it very easy to do this sort of thing (planning and testing the concept I mean) but this was done in 1976, So I'm pretty impressed.

Dali would have made one heck of a pixel artist.

This doesn't actually hurt my brain very much. I'll get to the ones that actually do at some point in the future.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Commentary on art that hurts the brain- Dali

Can art hurt your brain?
You betcha! Can it ever.
And I'm not talking about BAD art either I'm talking about Good art!
Like classic stuff.

Specifically I'm talking about "The Temptation Of st. Anthony" Dali's version,
(because it's been painted more than once naturally)
This is the one with St. Anthony about to get stomped by the white horse with wicked hooves, but wait, perhaps he won't get stomped after all because for some reason the horses forelegs are far far far shorter than his hind legs. Unless they are just, like, just about to grow as long as the back ones. That's one messed up horse! And right behind him are some messed up elephants. Well, they seem normal except for the legs.
But those legs on those elephants! Yikes! How are they even able to stand? Let alone hold up that heavy breast house? Well, I guess that's the devils work for ya!
To be honest I don't really find the caravan that temping but St. Anthony seems to think it's pretty bad, you can tell by the way he's fallen to his knees, and how he's holding up a cross to ward the "temptations" away. You can practically hear him "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
And just who does that skull belong to anyways?
I don't actually even find this one that brain painful.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You can find stuff to hurt your brian in the real world too.

I recently went to the zoo.
Lots of cool animals to see there.
Also some animals that will make your brain hurt if you think about them for too long.